Affordable Marquee Hire
                          Covering North Wales & England. 



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Weddings / Events

Why should you hire a Marquee?

There are multiple reasons why hiring Bradley's Marquees may be the best approach for your event. 

A marquee offers space and flexibility that may hard to match with an indoor venue.  Allowing Bradley's Marquees to install a temporary structure on your property gives you complete control over the timing and flow of your event.  Unlike venues which control your access down to the minute with hourly rates and extra charges your marquee is yours to enjoy as the event dictates.  A garden marquee also allows all the advantages of hosting an occasion on your own property without disruption to your home.

The most enduring appeal of the marquee is the ability to enjoy an outdoor setting without concern for the weather.  Our marquees allow for the rapid changes in the door and wall panels to make the most of perfect weather or complete insulation from rain and cold if required.


For your wedding you need to have complete confidence that everything will go smoothly on your special day.  A marquee gives you complete control of your reception allowing you to call the shots rather than owners of your venue.  You can decorate your own way, change your mind as often as you like and change plans as your day unfolds. 

A marquee reception offers you the very best chance of enjoying the perfect summer evening whatever the setting, knowing that if needed your guest can retreat safely undercover.  If you are planning a winter wedding you will be pleasantly surprised at how weather tight our structures are and our heaters will keep everyone at the perfect temperature.

You can rely on the team from Bradley's Marquees to take care of our part of your event with absolute punctuality and professionalism.  

Corporate Events

Whether you are organizing a product launch, press event or company picnic the chances are that you have too many elements to juggle and not enough time to pay attention to every detail that arises.  A marquee removes numerous concerns associated with a rented venue giving you flexibility and time for setup.  There is no better approach to maximizing the space available to your event inside and out.

When you work with Bradley's Marquees you can be assured that your structure will be assembled exactly when agreed and any changes to your program can be accommodated.

Events of every kind!

Why deal with someone else’s rules, restrictions and space limitation when you can have the perfect indoor/outdoor experience in a glorious garden setting!  18th and 21st birthday  parties are a favourite for our clients along with anniversaries, balls and themed events. 

Our flexible modular structures allow a perfect fit for any site of size of event.