Affordable Marquee Hire
                          Covering North Wales & England. 



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Marquee / Tent Equipment.

Below is a list of the furniture we can supply for your event. If there is something you need in particular that is not on the list below then please feel free to contact us, as we may be able to help.
  • Padded retro chair. ( cream )
  • Chair covers.
  • Bow ties of any colour to go with your theme.
  • Chiavari chairs.
  • Cheltenham chairs.
  • 5ft round tables- seats 8-10 formally.
  • Top tables.
  • Cake tables.
  • 6ft Trestle tables.
  • Table cloths. 


  • Globe light set.
  • Chandeliers.
  • L.E.D uplighters
  • Hard plastic flooring. This is a solid flooring material that can give you a nice level platform.  This also forms as an underlay          if you  choose to have carpet.
  • Carpet - Blue, Green, Diamond, Jet black, Anthracite, Lipstick, Burgundy, Kermit, Royal blue, Violet, Hot pink, Sisal, Light            beige, Polar white & Snow.
  • White L.E.D Dance floor, Black & white dance floor, Parquet dance floor.
Lining / accessories

  • Ivory flat lining. Prefered option for a professional & luxury look.
  • Black starlight roof.
  • Black gable ends.
  • White starlight roof.
  • Swaging. 

  • Electric Infrared heater - ideal for small events.
  • Gas Marquee heater with thermostat control - ideal for big events.


  • Silenced generator

Additional Tents.

  • Catering tent.
  • Open plan tents for drinks areas
  • Porch entrance

  • Toilet trailers available

We also have some great contacts who can supply Djs, mobile bars, Fireworks, hog roast & buffets. Feel free to send us an email or click on the button to the right  to find out more.

Here is a preview of some of our uplighters that we set up in our marquee. These can be used for any type of event. If you are planning on having a disco in a marquee then these are perfect for the event. Email

Marquees / Tents For All Events.

Our marquees are designed to be adaptable to all of our customers requirements.

As a rough guide the table below shows how many guests can be seated comfortably in some of our marquees, this also shows approximate numbers for a stand up buffet. If you require a dance floor or bar area etc in your marquee you will need to allow extra space for this. An event with 80 guests seated with buffet tables, a dance floor and bar can comfortably fit in a 9 metre x 15 metre marquee.

Here are some of our Marquee sizes listed below.

Size in metres    Standing buffet    Seated at table Seated at tables with dance dance floor 4m x 4m

6m x 6m                    60                      32                                            NA
6m x 12m                  110                    64                                            N/A
9m x 6m                    80                      48                                            32
9m x 9m                    110                     72                                            48
9m x 12m                  160                    96                                            64
9m x 15m                  210                    120                                          80
9m x 18m                  260                   144                                          104
9m x 21m                  310                    168                                          120    

Seating is based on 8 guests sitting around a 5 ft round table, excluding space for buffet tables, dance floor and bar etc.
If you need anything bigger or smaller then please send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your event.